Terms of Setup a Company in China

Setup a Company in China is the establishment of a company in a foreign country which of course has many terms and conditions that must be agreed upon. Especially for those of you who want to enter the business world, you can manage funds to improve welfare through an investment that needs to be explored continuously.

What are the Terms of Setup a Company in China?

  1. Passing a certain stage

To set up a company, certain stages are needed. The first stage is the preparation stage that must be passed in the investment process. You also need to go through the construction stage, which is a realization stage shortly after submitting the company establishment and agreeing.

In this realization stage, you will set up a company. This stage can be considered a stage that is quite difficult and complicated because there are so many things that you have to take care of. Various documents must also be prepared to complete this stage. You should also think about providing facilities there.

The next stage is the operation or production stage, you can run this stage if you have prepared all kinds of documents through the previous two stages. You can apply for a permanent business license and submit various documents that will be needed later.

  1. Terms of Setup a Company in China

The establishment of this company is still the same as the establishment of a local company, it only takes various kinds of related approvals and has been included in a document. You also have to take care of various kinds of documents, one of which is a principle permit which is a mandatory permit.

This is very much needed in the process of forming and establishing a company in addition to the general requirements needed. The requirements needed to be able to establish a company are a photocopy of the identity card or passport of the founder of the company. After that, you will be asked to submit a photocopy of the official TIN.

Other documents containing articles of association reports for applicants who are legal entities. Also attach an email address, telephone number, photograph with the specified background, information on the company address, description of the management structure, share ownership or capital for the founders.

You must also have obtained a building permit in the country, attach proof of use of the place of business, company stamp, the original power of attorney, and a complete production flow diagram with various details and the production process from raw materials to a product.

You can also describe the activities and services that have been provided with a capital statement. This is completed by preparing the application for the principle permit that has been determined. Also state the identity of the owner of the company’s founding shares, various plans of activities, and other power of attorney.

The process of establishing a company is fairly simple and easy to do. You just have to take care of various kinds of documents and requirements that have been set by the person concerned. If you take care of it properly and correctly then everything will run smoothly.

All kinds of documents needed to set up a company must also meet the requirements, this is the first stage you must go through. The fulfillment of these requirements is the existence of a deed of establishment, a decree, and all provisions stipulated by the country that you want to establish a company for.

The terms of investment value are in fact needed here, there are also various numbers to legalize all your affairs.