The Importance of Cyber ​​Security Training For Agencies or Companies

At this time the development of the internet is very fast. Information system security is increasingly threatened with cybercrime activities. To prevent unwanted things, a security system is needed to maintain company or agency data or information systems so that they are not misused by irresponsible people. The security system is Cyber Security.

Cyber security is the practice of protecting devices, networks, programs, and data from malicious digital attacks or irresponsible people.

Cyber security has an important role in maintaining data security from cyber attacks. Cyber security is not just a matter of technology but has penetrated into the business area. The benefits of cyber security for individual businesses and business people are to minimize attacks and threats of data leakage.

The recent cyberattacks hit a foreign company called Travelex and hacked an American company called Solarwinds. This proves that a cyber attack can happen to even a large company and can affect a business that has been built with difficulty.

Therefore, having knowledge about cyber security or IT security training on data security is a must at this time.

Practices in cyber security such as installing firewalls, making data backups, using secure wifi networks, and other things that can prevent cybercriminals from accessing computers, networks, or company or agency data.

Benefits of Cyber Security?

The benefits of Cyber Security Training are:

Protected data

With cyber security, systems and networks will be protected from threats.

With cyber security, you will have very strong security to ward off various cyber threats to the Application System or company/agency website.

In Cyber Security training, trainees will learn various basic concepts in information system security. Starting from security on infrastructure, network, and security on application. The practice of studying various threats that can be posed and how to counteract these threats.

Apart from attending cyber security training, there are various other things that must be done in an effort to protect data security. Such as purchasing a number of cyber security support equipment, cyber security certification, and other technology solutions to protect businesses from the entire spectrum of security risks, ransomware, spyware, and adware.

Ransomware refers to malicious software, which prohibits users from accessing their computer systems. Adware is a computer virus that infects a computer system. Spyware is a surveillance tool to spy on someone’s business activities while extracting useful information.

However, through cyber security and the installation of other technology-supporting devices, companies and business people can gain advantages in the security sector. Some cyber security practices such as firewalls, anti-spam, and other spam filters.

Seeing this, it can be seen that the use of cyber security is an obligation, especially for some companies. For more details, here are some benefits of cyber security, especially for business people:

Minimizing the Risks of Remote Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a new world order, where almost every company implements a remote work system for its employees. Of course the data and communication through the digitization system or the internet. These kinds of things are very vulnerable to cyber attacks such as theft and misuse of sensitive company data. However, if a company implements a cyber security system, it can prevent this potential.

Increase productivity

Cyber attacks can be a serious threat to business people. Not only data theft, but users also can’t even access the system’s own network. Therefore, it is very important to have cyber security supporting facilities, to protect against attacks and cybercriminals.

One of these prevention efforts is to provide security knowledge to employees, in order to prevent cyber attack incidents from occurring. By being equipped with cyber security knowledge, you can not only protect data from dangerous threats but can increase productivity.

Not only increasing knowledge, through IT security training employees will be more skilled at work. They will apply work patterns from a security perspective.

An example of a change in behavior is that employees are less likely to click on dangerous links, download suspicious files and know better what to do if data errors occur. Having skilled employees is an important thing for a company.